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  • Eric Holzschuh

How much is a voice over

Short Answer: it depends.

CLICK HERE for video answer

Longer Answer ...

It depends on:

  • Script Length

  • Usage Rights

  • Delivery Time

Script Length

- this is pretty self explanitory ... longer scripts cost more

Usage Rights

- meaning where is this voice over going to be shown

- national tv spot OR internal presentation

That could be a $3,000 difference right there. You'd pay closer to $200 for an internal presentation.

- organic VS paid social (and for how long?)

That could be a $1,000 difference easy. Organic social being less expensive and closer to $200.

Delivery time

- how soon do you need this?

- 30 mintues or 3 business days?

You're looking at an additional fee of $100-200 for delivery in hours. For example, my normal delivery time is 2 business days. There would be no additional delivery fee for that.

If you need a custom price for your voice over project ... and have at least $200 to invest, lets chat:

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