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  • Eric Holzschuh

How to direct a voice over session

3 ways my clients & I have found ... to get the best performance from your voice over talent:

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1) WHY

- tell them why. "Why" are we doing this project?

Motivation matters to actors. If they know why they are doing something it has a better chance of coming out authentic, and be aligned with your goal of the project.


- we want get people excited about these new features we're rolling out


- be excited

It's an actor trap for them to play "being excited" that's going to come off 2 dimensional & inauthentic. If they know their motivation is to get "someone" excited about this new feature ... that's something they can grab onto.

2) WHO

- tell them who. "Who" specifically are they talking to.

A specific target audience is more helpful than getting "someone" excited ...

Think about how different it would be to motivate a college football player vs a 10 yr old girl.


- tell them what. "What" do you want the audeince to feel after listening to this project?

This can add depth to the performance. And it helps the voice actor understand what you're going for.

If you need a male voice over ... let's chat:

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